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Frankfurt-Hahn hails new freighter routes to China

Germany's Frankfurt-Hahn Airport reported that it has seen a 58.4% increase in freight volumes from January to October 2018, compared with the same period in 2017.

Frankfurt-Hahn, in which China's HNA Airport Group has a majority stake, handled around 127,000 tons of freight in 2017.The federal state of Hesse holds 17.5%.

A spokesperson for the airport said: "Since early December, the airport has been connecting Europe with China through new freight routes. The first flight from Shanghai was operated with a Boeing 747-400 by Suparna Airlines.

"The new routes are part of an airfreight agreement concluded by the Chinese company China Aerospace International Holdings Limited (CASIL) to distribute Asian flows of goods for Europe via the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport hub and vice versa."

The spokesperson continued:"Along with a number of global logistics service providers, CASIL signed air freight contracts worth more than 2.6bn yuan (about €334m) for intensive cooperation and support of the Chinese 'One Belt One Road' initiative.

"For this purpose, the subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is establishing Frankfurt-Hahn Airport as a new hub for its international air freight business. The flights will be operated with various cargo airlines to different destinations in China, including Zhengzhou (CGO) and Hong Kong (HKG)."

Christoph Goetzmann, chief operating officer of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn, said: "The new cargo flights to China are an important step in further expanding the cargo business at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. With its 24-hour operating permit, flexible slots and fast handling, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is ideally positioned for the freight business and a backbone of the German export industry."

(aircargonews.net vom 24.12.2018)