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Air Cargo Germany delays start-up

By Stuart Todd

Air Cargo Germany (ACG) has delayed its planned launch this month, until the second half of February.

Michael Bock, CEO of the Frankfurt-Hahn-based wide-body operator, told IFW there had been a delay in the delivery of the airline’s fleet.

"This has been caused by "incomplete aircraft documentation and which will be solved within the coming weeks. We now plan to start operations in the second half of next month.”

Last November, Bock unveiled plans to launch ACG in January 2009 with charter flights before moving to scheduled services later in the year, likely routes being Hahn-Moscow-Shanghai and Hahn-Istanbul-Bombay-Hong Kong.

"There is no change in our project nor to the flight schedule. We will start with charter flights and then in summer 2009 move to scheduled services on the routes we previously announced,” he added.

ACG is leasing two ex-China Airlines B747-400SFs from Avion Aircraft Trading, which were converted to freighter configuration.

(IFW-Cargo vom 13.01.2009)