Während auf dem Flugplatz von Fracht- und Logistikparks schwadroniert wird man sich gegenseitig mit Gefälligkeitsgutachten froh macht und eine Fluggesellschaft (Air Cargo Germany) feiert, die nach 5 Monaten immer noch keinen Frachtflug durchgeführt hat, wird anderswo gehandelt.

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Cargo B relocates to Liege Airport

The delivery of a 2nd 747-400 freighter and the decision to relocate the activities to Liege Airport mean that Cargo B will operate its present South American and future Africa routes from Liege. Cargo B will start as from 17 May three weekly flights to Africa to destinations at Johannesburg, Libreville, N'djamena, Kinshasa and Nairobi. All destinations will be operated from Liege Airport after the move.

"The economical and positive repercussions are most important for the region, since in addition to these 30 direct employments, another 75 indirect jobs will be created," said Luc Partoune, generall manager of Liege Airport.

"The operational flexibility at Liege Airport, the flexibility of its customs formalities and of the Phyto-sanitary procedures, as well as the specialisation of its handling companies, has been a decisive factor for Cargo B Airlines to relocate its activities at Liege Airport," said Eric Gysen, cargo sales manager of Liege Airport.

The possibility to effectively operate 24 hours per day is essential to optimise the utilisation of our new B747-400 aircraft," added Robert Kuijpers, president and chief executive officer of Cargo B.

(Airline News vom 15.05.2009)