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Move One Delivers Massive Shipment of Mine Clearing Equipment

Mine Trawler units delivered by Move One will help clear land mines posing extreme danger to civilians

Move One Logistics is proud to announce that it has successfully completed yet another massive shipment of land-mine clearing devices. This enormous consignment of 105 units of the specialized heavy military equipment is vital for peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan to protect both civilians and service personnel.

The mine rollers, also known as "mine trawls", are heavy devices that are mounted on the front of a tank or armored vehicle, allowing military engineers to detonate mines without endangering themselves or civilians. The rollers were transported from Hahn in Germany to Bagram and then on to Kandahar.

Andrew Davis, Move One’s Afghanistan Team Leader, gave details of the enormous project, saying "Last week we shipped 63 mine roller units on three cargo 747’s , and this week another 42 units on two 747’s , all for different clients. More are to follow, and I’m more than satisfied with the work done.”

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines has estimated that there are as many as ten million live land-mines in Afghanistan, most of which are still left over from Soviet occupation. Around 50 civilians are killed every month by both newly planted landmines and those left as a legacy of past conflicts. Move One has a history of using its leading expertise in specialized equipment logistics to deliver vital mine clearing equipment. In 1995 Move One delivered the very first mine-clearing vehicle to Sarajevo airport, opening Bosnia up to the rest of the world and allowing in desperately needed foreign aid to flow into the region.

With eleven strategically located offices in Afghanistan alone, Move One has the experience and resources necessary to handle any logistical requirement in the region. Our services range from secure convoys, warehousing and online shipment tracking to air, sea, road and rail services, as well as purchase order management, which ultimately allow us to attend to all of our customers’ needs and be the premier global freight forwarder operating in the world’s most remote and challenging regions.

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(Move One vom 06.04.2011)