National Air Cargo Begins Flights to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

YPSILANTI, Mich.--National Air Cargo today announced that it will start a weekly charter utilizing DC 8 aircraft from its subsidiary company based in Ypsilanti, MI to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to assist ongoing efforts to provide materials and goods to the United States military. The initial flight was April 3, 2009.

The flight, operated by National Airlines, will depart every Friday and arrive in Bagram on Sunday evening with one fueling stop in Europe. The flight will provide the fastest possible route from the United States to Afghanistan – a 33 hour transit.

"This is the fastest possible route from the United States to Afghanistan and no one else in the air cargo industry is currently providing such a service,” Robert Schlager, regional manager - Americas, National Air Cargo said. "National Air Cargo is extremely proud that we can continue our high level of service to the United States military and their contractors not only in Afghanistan, but also in Iraq.”

Among some of the materials that will be shipped via air transport from Ypsilanti to Bagram includes equipment such as electrical generators, water purification systems, medical supplies and other materials to help with the expansion and construction of hospitals, sewage plants, libraries and other facilities in Bagram Air Base and around Afghanistan.

"We are helping supply the United States military and their contractors with the materials and goods to run a small city which is vital to their efforts for success in Afghanistan,” Schlager said. "National Air Cargo plays an integral role in the transportation supply chain for those who are helping to supply the military both in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

About National Air Cargo

Since 1991, National Air Cargo has provided quality and efficient freight forwarding services for various military industrial customers. The company offers airlift operations with appropriate aircraft with payload options ranging from 4 tons to 250 tons to countries throughout the world.

About National Airlines

Founded in 1985, National Airlines currently operates three long range intercontinental 45 ton capacity jet freighters. National Airlines also operates scheduled charter passenger flights from Ypsilanti and Oakland County International Airport to Kokomo Municipal Airport, Chicago Rockford International Airport, Spirit of St. Louis Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport. National Airlines is based in Ypsilanti, MI and operates on demand cargo and passenger charter services. The company’s main base is Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti.

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(National-Airlines vom 06.05.2009)