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National Air Cargo launches fastest flights from US to Afghanistan

National Air Cargo has started a weekly charter using DC 8 aircraft from its subsidiary company based in Ypsilanti, Michingan to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

The flights will assist ongoing efforts to provide materials and goods to the US military.

Operated by National Airlines, the flight departs every Friday and arrives in Bagram on Sunday evening, with one fuelling stop in Europe.

With a transit time of 33 hours, the flight provides the fastest possible route from the US to Afghanistan.

Consignments shipped on these flights include generators, water purification systems, medical supplies and other materials to help with the expansion and construction of hospitals, sewage plants and other facilities in Bagram Air Base and around Afghanistan.

National Air Cargo provides freight forwarding services for various military industrial customers throughout the world, and offers airlift operations with appropriate aircraft with payload options between 4 and 250 tons.

National Airlines currently operates three long-range intercontinental 45 ton capacity jet freighters.

(eye for transports vom 07.05.2009)