Ob der Flugplatz Hahn wirklich der andere Flugplatz ist, auf dem Ryanair Verluste einfährt?

"Ryanair considering Shannon pullout: Sunday Times According to yesterday's Times Ryanair are comsidering pulling out of Shannon as a base as it has been loss making ever since they established a base there a couple of years ago. Shannon is only one of two Ryanair bases that is loss making. From another article in the Times the other loss making base appears to be Frankfurt Hahn where Ryanair concede that they based too many planes there at 12, with undoubtably a number of loss making routes. Shannon is loss making even though it is believed that Ryanair are paying landing fees of as little as €1 a skull." Politics.ie.

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Shannon shocker

Written by Gordon Deegan

Ryanair boss, Michael O’Leary has said that his airline is living off the earnings of sandwiches and luggage at its loss-making operation at Shannon.

In a bleak assessment delivered to the Dail transport committee, Mr O’Leary said Shannon is only one of only two of the 28 Ryanair bases that is losing money and if costs increase at the airport, the company’s operation at Shannon will be devastated.

"I am not known for hanging around, losing money. Shannon is one of only two bases where we lost money and we have lost money every year for the past three years. Why do we do it? It is part of our commitment to Ireland”, he said.

(Clarepeople vom 05.08.2008)