Anscheinend müssen sich auch die Manager vom Euro-Airport sich unbedingt einmal Nachhilfestunden von den cleveren Hahn-Managern geben lassen!
Dann kann auch dort so richtig Geld mit Ryanair verdient werden.

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Ryanair and EuroAirport didn't reach an agreement on account of the landing taxes. The Irish carrier didn't want to spend more than Euro 10, and that would have covered all the charges and costs, including flight safety, passenger handling, landing taxes. EuroAirport alone would like to see twice that amount. In addition to that there are charges for ground handling and flight control. If Ryanair had set up a base here, the margin would have been only 5 Euro. "This was miles from what we envisioned regarding prices", said Eland to BaZ. In addition, Ryanair wanted an at -east ten-year contract - with those fixed prices. easyJet may be able to be less strict in its calculations, as it has a higher percentage of business men than Ryanair as its passengers.


(Auszug aus Basler Zeitung of August 18, 2003 )