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VDA4332 (all flights) (alert me)
Volga-dnepr "Volga-dnepr" (Russian Federation)
Aircraft   Antonov Ruslan (quad-jet) (H/A124/U)
Origin   Bangor Intl (KBGR)
Destination   Frankfurt Hahn (EDFH)
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Route  BGR J581 YFC J500 YQM J509 YYG T105 YQX
 KOBEV 5000N 05000W 5100N 04000W 5300N
 03000W 5300N 02000W MALOT UL9 DIMUS UL9
Date   Friday, Aug 22, 2008
Duration   Unknown
Status result unknown (?)
  Scheduled Actual/Estimated
Departure 11:10AM EDT 11:02AM EDT
Arrival 10:10PM GMT result unknown (?)
Speed 410 kts
Altitude 27000 feet
At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware's service area. Information on this page may be unreliable.
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Activity Log
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Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration
22-Aug-2008 A124/U Bangor Intl (KBGR) Frankfurt Hahn (EDFH) 11:02AM EDT result unknown (?) n/a
22-Aug-2008 A124/L Charleston Afb/Intl (KCHS) Bangor Intl (KBGR) 06:10AM EDT 08:43AM EDT 2:33

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